Riley Gaines

Riley Gaines, a decorated former collegiate swimmer at the University of Kentucky, spoke out against those who thanked her for advocating for fair play in women’s sports but won’t publicly support her.

Gaines has been at the forefront of women’s sports calling for fair treatment and keeping transgender women from competing against biological females at the highest level of competition. Gaines tied with then-Penn swimmer Lia Thomas at the NCAA championships last year. Thomas’ performance in the pool caused a national firestorm.

As the former swimmer has spoken out, she’s received support from athletes across the sports spectrum but called on those who supported her privately to step out of the shadows.

“At first, I felt honoured when elite (both female and male) athletes thanked me for taking a public stance on having male-bodied athletes in women’s sports and locker rooms,” she tweeted Tuesday.

“Now I realize these private thanks make them responsible for this continuing and advancing as it has.”

Gaines attended President Biden’s State of the Union address later Tuesday night. She was the invited guest of Rep. Lisa McClain, R-Mich.

She spoke to Fox News Digital ahead of Biden’s speech and bashed his advocacy of “gender ideology propaganda.”

“I am truthfully intrigued as to how he will address the state of our nation. What is the state of our nation? What’s the condition of it?” Gaines said, raising concerns that the administration is pushing for more female-identifying men to compete in women’s sports across the country.

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